Sunday, 7 June 2015

Serendipity Sunday - Not just for Farmers!

My Carter ancestors of Fold House Farm in Pilling, Lancashire, England were pig farmers. They developed an excellent breed of pigs that were well sought after.


I can imagine that they may have subscribed to a Farm Journal, which gives good information on animal diseases and care, prize winners, prices at market, etc.

Just because your ancestor was not a farmer, don't discount these fact filled agricultural journals when telling the stories of your ancestors.  For example the Marks Express has market prices of crops and stock at various areas of the UK. Also, in the back of issues are interesting articles for the farmer's wives: recipes, fashion, etc...

Look for farm or agricultural journals for your area.

Relevant Links:

Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England

The Mark Lane Express Agricultural Journal - UK, (various years)

Farmer's Advocate and Home Magazine  Canada (various years)

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