Monday, 1 June 2015

Gone to the Dogs

Growing up we always had a dog in the house. One dog we had as kids, in winter we would put our skates on and holding his leash he would pull us up and down our street. We had other pets too over the years... a bird, fish, rabbits, and my brother Mike had a pet skunk named Jimmy. He also had a pet fly he named Gimpy because one wing was broken.  When we were all going somewhere and my grandparents were staying at the house to look after the animals, he told them not to swat his fly.
I'll stick with the dogs.

Mike and Jimmy

My husband and I had a black Retriever of sorts we got at the pound when he was just 8 weeks old. His name was Keiro. He was a fantastic dog and we miss him dearly.  Two years ago we got Sadie, at 8 months old. For a few reasons we had to get a smaller dog and when we met Sadie it was love at first sight!  Sadie is an 18 lb Shiba Inu and quite a handful, keeping us active and on our toes! 

                                   Keiro (1998-2012)                Sadie (b 2012)

We took both our dogs to the Kennel Club for their excellent training program, and my dogs trained me very well.  We also have a great Vet to look after our "baby".

My grandfather had a Springer Spaniel named Smitty that followed him everywhere. This photo always had a prominent place in my grandparents' home.

In 2013 FindMyPast uploaded Dog License Registers of the Petty Sessions for Ireland. 
I find that we come from a long line of dog lovers! There were 177 results for our surname in Queen's County. The most common seemed to be a black terrier or a mastiff.

Did your ancestors have dogs? Dog license registers in Canada are usually kept at the town level. In the US may be at County level?

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