Sunday, 24 May 2015

Serendipity Sunday - Not your Ordinary Black Book

The Extraordinary Black Book : an exposition of the United Church of England and Ireland ; civil list and crown revenues ; incomes, privileges, and power, of the aristocracy, privy council, diplomatic, and consular establishments ; law and judicial administration ; representation and prospects of reform under the new ministry ; profits, influence, and monopoly of the Bank of England and East-India Company ; with strictures on the renewal of these charters ; debt and funding system ; salaries, fees and emoluments in courts of justice, public offices, and colonies ; alphabetical list of pluralists, placemen, pensioners and sinecurists ; the whole corrected from the latest official returns, and presenting a complete view of the expenditure, patronage, influence and abuses of the government in church, state, law and representation - 1831
And what it cost for King George to go to war with the Americans...

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The Extraordinary Black Book

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