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Donors and Subscribers

Another place you might find mention of your ancestors is on Donors and/or Subscribers lists.  Magazines, newspapers, causes, institutions, etc... many depended on their subscribers or donors for survival.

What made me think of this, is that my aunt recently passed away, and I was googling her name to see if anything came up.  My uncle had a very good job in his career days and saved and invested enough to live well.  I find, not surprisingly, that they had set up a fund for donations, one of which is "An Instrument for Every Child". That warmed my heart, as there are many piano players on all sides of my family, plus I always do what I can to help children in need.

Connecticut Institute for the Blind

One place you will find donors names is in the telling of building or restoring/repairing a parish church.  An example of this is the Our Roots book "Monographie de St-Ignace du Cap St-Ignace depuis 1672 à 1903" where they list donors to the church. Also annual reports for institutions, charities or clubs usually give names of subscribers or donors.

What were your ancestors passionate about enough to loosen their purse strings?

I have listed a few links below.  You can search Internet Archive for areas your ancestors lived.. try keywords - report, proceedings, publishing with the keyword subscribers.

Relevant Links:


A continuation of the narrative of the Indian charity-school, in Lebanon in Connecticut, and list of the names of the subscribers; an account of monies received and paid; together with Dr. Wheelock's annual account of his receipts and disbursements 1769

An account of the West-Yorkshire Educational and Benevolent Institution, with list of subscribers and report of the proceedings at the luncheon, in the Victoria Hall, Halifax, Saturday, March 31st, 1906

Officers and members of the Quebec Diocesan Committee : list of annual subscribers of the Quebec committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and list of subscribers and donors of the Quebec National School Fund

Report of the General Committee of the Mechanics' Institute ofMontreal, to the members, at the annual general meeting, 6th November, 1854: with proceedings of annual meeting, and list of subscribers to the Mechanics' Hall

List of Subscribers' names1840 - with Their Places of Residences - the Apollo Association for the promotion of the Fine Arts in the US

The New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: incorporated under 44 Victoria, Chap. LVIII : head office, Saint John, N.B. : constitution and bye-laws, treasurer's account, and list of subscribers, for 1883

Address of the Royal Jennerian Society for the Extermination of theSmall-pox: with the plan, regulations and instructions for vaccine inoculation : to which is added a list of the subscribers – London 1803

Publishing for subscribers, (and ready for delivery) under the special patronage of Her Majesty the Queen: the splendidly engraved plan of the naval and military operations, and death of Wolfe, before Quebec, in 1759, dedicated to the members of the United Service by Alfred Hawkins of Quebec – List of subscribers 1843

Eighteenth report of the directors of the African Institution : read at the annual general meeting, held on the 11th day of May, 1824 : with an appendix and a list of subscribers UK

The seventh report of the Reformed Romanist Priests' Protection Society, for the years 1852 & 1853 : founded 5th May, 1844, the day on which the Rev. Solomon Frost renounced popery in St. Audoen's Church, Dublin ; with extracts of correspondence, abstracts of cash account, and list of subscribers.

Memorabilia of the city of Perth: containing, Aguide to Perth;  list of the subscribers for building the bridge, and the public seminaries; 1806

A history of the late siege of Gibraltar. : With a description and account of that garrison, from the earliest periods; and list of subscribers – London 1786

Membership dues, income and expense booklet, Liberal Ladies Benevolent Association, Reading, MA 1868-1869

List of subscribers and donors to the Royal Hospital, Victoria, BC from 30th June, 1861 to 13th January, 1862

Amanda Township Cemetery Company - Ohio 1907



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