Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Next of Kin

The other day I found a notice in the Liverpool Daily Post from February 8, 1915. It was placed by John W. Knowles, solicitor of Widnes, Lancashire, looking for my great-grandmother, Martha Elizabeth Singleton (Tait) who was living in Montreal. 

I have no idea why they were looking for her as both her parents are long since dead. Perhaps one of her brothers died, I have not found death records for them yet. But.... in June of 1916 Martha is on a passenger list returning to Canada from England, which says she arrived there in 1915. So I presume they got in touch with her.

Lawyers put notices in newspapers when they were looking for heirs to estates, and I found this book from 1904 called...

"Index register to next of kin, heirs at law and cases of unclaimed money advertisements in Great Britain, the Colonies, India, America, France, Germany, Ireland, and all parts of the world."
Maybe you will find your ancestors mentioned within the pages of this book! 

Relevant link:

UK Unclaimed Estates List

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