Sunday, 24 August 2014

Serendipity Sunday - What's for Dinner?

Mock pigeons, larded mutton chops, stewed sheeps' tongue.... YUM!

This is another book I found while looking for school year books - the Dinner Year Book.

It starts off ...

"Do not laugh when I tell you that one of the most serious perplexities of my every-day life is the daily recurring question, 'What shall we have for dinner?' "

I think many of us have this perplexity.  Some days just before dinner time I would go to the grocery store and stare at the meat counter, hoping to get inspiration.  I even stooped to asking other shoppers, complete strangers!... "What are you having for dinner tonight?" Well be perplexed no longer.... the Dinner Year Book is here! The author gives menus and recipes for the whole year, plus "Company" dinner menus in the back.

The next time you are stumped about what to prepare for yourself, your family or for company, open this book to the date (or thereabouts) and you will find inspiration within its pages.

Dinner Year Book  - 1878

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