Sunday, 15 January 2017

Serendipity Sunday - Farriers and Horseshoers

I came across one of these magazines and it interested me because I have a friend whose husband is a farrier...

A farrier doesn't just put shoes on horses, they have to know what kind of shoes to put on a horse for the job he does. The farrier is like a pedicurist and podiatrist in one - a total hoof specialist.

A farrier in the British Army in 1899 was of a higher rank and was paid more than a shoeing-smith.

Did you have an ancestor that was a farrier or a horseshoer?

Relevant Links

International Horseshoers' monthly magazine (1900-1923)

The American farrier and horseman's companion, 1865

Farrier School Directory

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  1. Very interesting. My sister's son-in-law is a farreir so great to know more about them :D


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