Monday, 16 January 2017

Fun and Games

When my husband and I go camping in our RV we head north to the many beautiful free camping spots we have on the Island. There is no TV, no cell service, no internet. I like to read and knit and my husband likes to kayak. We both go walking with our dog Sadie.

After dinner or if it's a rainy day we play games.  He mostly beats me at backgammon and I mostly beat him at cribbage.  At dominoes it's just about a draw.

My husband just got an email with his certificate that he is now a Junior Master in Bridge. He's so proud to have reached that status, lowly as it is, as he takes his game very seriously, going to lessons and playing at the Bridge Club as often as he can.

Growing up my parents often played bridge with friends, and my Mom belonged to a local bridge club (which included my Latin teacher.. aack!). Before there was television people liked to play games, some being more serious than others and perhaps joining a club. Most every city had a chess club, a checkers club, a whist club and/or a bridge club.

Check newspapers for results of games played at clubs. Perhaps none of my ancestors in Ellon, Scotland played whist but some of his neighbours did.

Do you think your ancestors may have belonged to a club?  It seems the most popular were checkers, chess and whist, although loo and euchre were also mentioned in newspaper columns. Check newspapers for members standings in their club. Your local library or historical society may have journals from what clubs there were in your area.

Relevant Links

Australian parlor and club room games: draughts, euchre, solo whist, whist, cribbage, nap, chess; 1887

Chess Checkers & Whist Club of New Orleans

History of Kansas state checker association, 1915

The International draughts magazine, 1888

International match. Complete record of the [checker] games played between plaers of Great Britain and the United States, at Boston 1905

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Souvenir of the Bristol Chess Club: Containing 100 Original Games of Chess 1845

The Games of the Intercolonial Chess Match, Melbourne vs Adelaide, 1868

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Liverpool Chess Club

Westminster Chess Club, London

Annals of the Brookline Whist Club, 1873-1907

Proceedings of the... American Whist Congress

Whist sketches and review of the First American Whist Congress, held in Milwaukee,1891

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