Thursday, 20 October 2016

Cartoons and Caricatures - Making the World Laugh

You've seen them.  The artists in the mall or on the sidewalk that try to entice you to let them make a caricature of you.  When I was a teenager my Mom and I had caricatures done at the mall and Dad hung them on the wall in our living room.... I wonder whatever happened to them?

Now you can get free apps that make a caricature of your photo... I made this one using the free MomentCam app for android.

Gearing up to head south to AZ

Some of the earliest caricatures were drawn by Leonardo da Vinci c.1475. The first known North American caricatures were drawn in 1759 during the battle for Quebec by George Townshend.

It has forever been popular to see political cartoons in newspapers and magazines. Artists have been having a field day these past months! Who were cartoonists making caricatures of in the 19th and early 20th centuries?

Relevant Links

Cartoons and caricatures, or Making the world laugh, USA 1910

Henri Julie Album - French Canadian artist and cartoonist, 1916

Best of H T Webster: a memorial collection, USA 1953

Drawings of John Leach, UK 1817-1864

Ernesto Garcia Cabral: a Mexican cartoonist, 1923

Cartoons by Bradley, cartoonist of the Chicago Daily News, 1917

Beshkov and Altmaier: fragments of a friendship, 1934-1955

Hans Schliessmann - Album, Austrian 1890

Album Caran d'Ache, Paris 1889

Album Caran d'Ache, deuxième, 1890

Edmund Harburger Album, German 1882

The Schröder art memento, South Africa's only artist, 1894

Caricatures by H W G Hayter, 1902

Fifty caricatures by Max Beerbohm, 1913

American caricatures pertaining to the Civil War, 1919

Caricatures of the stage, 1898

Caricatures by Tom Tit, London 1913

Cartoons and caricatures of Seattle citizens, 1906

Men about town, a book of 58 caricatures, USA 1924


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