Thursday, 31 December 2015

Looking Back... 2015

Happy New Year readers and loyal followers!

I look back on 2015 and I realize I accomplished quite a lot in my genealogical world.
I wrote 122 posts that were researched to help people find their ancestors that were everything from horticulturists, robbers and victualers to Post Office workers and also about the cost of living in days of yore. I published six handy downloadable Resource lists.

I unraveled the mystery of Hannah Mead, who appeared as a child with my ancestor's family on the census. That question had been niggling at me for a long time.

I started a new blog, The Days of Their Lives, telling stories of my ancestors.

I published my sixth family history book, a few years of research in the making.

What will 2016 bring?
I have a few projects in mind and finishing any one of them will make me happy.

So here's to a fresh start and endless possibilities!

Auld Lang Syne (click image)

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