Sunday, 22 February 2015

Serendipity Sunday - The Canadian Nurse

This week I came across many volumes of the Canadian Nurse magazine. I was researching my great grandfather's brother's family and saw one of his daughters was a nurse. I did some googling around and found her name in one of these issues under marriages.

Each Volume is a years worth of issues, and each issue has some birth, marriage and death announcements near the end. There are photos throughout the volumes, and some notices of who graduated and where nurses were sent to work. Some have lists of members of the Ontario Nurses Association as in Volume 1, page 70 (48) and lists of Graduates from the Training School for Nurses, as in Volume 1 and 2.

They contain articles about Nursing in other countries too, as in Volume 2 1906, news from the London War Office giving names of nurses receiving appointments. Check the back of the Volume for an Index, some have one, others don't. You can also go to the Full Text version and do a search using Ctrl+F.

It started as a quarterly journal for the nursing profession in Canada, written in Toronto and published in March 1905. The magazine was soon put out monthly and is still in publication. These past issues can also be found on the Canadian Nurse website under the Archives tab.

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