Sunday, 23 November 2014

Serendipity Sunday - Podcasts

The other day I turned on my iPad to find that the latest update gave me a Podcast App. I can download and watch Podcasts right on my tablet, all in one place. There is a Search box, and if you type in Genealogy, you will get lots of results (Lisa Cooke, Genealogy Guys, Irish Roots Café, LAC, Polish Genealogy, and many more...)

A Podcast is like a radio show. Many Genealogy sites make Podcasts for giving tips, telling a story or interviewing someone. There are thousands of Podcasts uploaded and available FREE via iTunes. (We all love FREE)


You don't need an iPad or iPhone to listen to or subscribe to the Podcasts. You can access them through iTunes on your laptop or computer. For Android users you can get free podcast players, like Podcast Republic, and get most of the same episodes. Type genealogy in the search box.

Since there is no video to pay attention to, you can listen while you are working on something else, working out, or doing chores (although I must say my multitasking days are numbered).

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