Wednesday, 10 September 2014

It's Carnival Time - What??

Where 2 of my children live they were blessed with over 6" of snow one day this week, and more the next day.  I KNOW! September 9th is too early right?? When the kids were growing up in Quebec I found that if you do lots of winter activities the cold months are more tolerable. Over the years we didn't just make a snowman, we got out in that snow and made a horse, ET and huge transformer. We used to go skating, tobogganing, and even did some winter camping with the Girl Guides.

Where am I going with this?  All this talk of snow made me think of Winter Carnivals. When I was a kid we had a Winter Carnival in our home town and everyone prepared and looked forward to it all year.  There was a costume parade on skates and my Mom made my brother and I snowman costumes with an old sheet.

 I always wanted to go to the Quebec Carnival but I never got there. The first Carnival in Quebec City was held in 1894. Montreal held it's first Winter Ice Carnival in 1883.  The big draw for visitors were architect-designed Ice Palaces.

Other types of Carnivals were held, some as benefits.  Brisbane held the Patriotic Carnival during World War I, and some theater companies held carnivals to raise funds.
Our town also had a spring fair and a fall tombola.  You can also search for brochures for local festivals, regattas and expositions.

Relevant Links:

Montreal Ice Carnival - special issue, Dominion Railway pocket guide 1884

Souvenir of the Montreal Winter Carnival 1884

The Carnival almanac and official programme: Montreal 1885

Montreal Winter Carnival, 1893

Quebec Winter carnival 1894

A short account of ye Quebec winter carnival holden in 1894

Quebec Winter Carnival 1896

Ottawa Winter Carnival 1895

Rossland Winter Carnival, BC 1903

Winter sports at Huntington Lake Lodge, Annual Carnival Fresno, CA 1916

Comstock Carnival, Virginia City, Nevada 1903

Patriotic Carnival Souvenir Programme, Brisbane 1914

Brisbane's Do Without Week and 2nd Grand Patriotic Carnival 1916

Official souvenir, Hudson-Fulton Celebration Carnival Pageant - NY 1909

Prizes: Montreal Farmer's Carnival: cinquième exposition provincial, 1896

A panorama of Canada's greatest attractions - Hamilton Summer Carnival 1889

Hand Book of the Carnival - Mardi Gras, New Orleans 1874

Programme of the Summer Carnival and Electric Exhibition, St John, NB 1889

Aquatic Carnival, Halifax, NS 1871

American Theatre's carnival for Britain: British War Relief  1941

Souvenir Programme: Grand Festival, Carnival, Kermesse and Concert held at Mechanics Pavilion, San Francisco, 1895, for new French Hospital

Ground Breaking Panama-California Exposition July 1911

Montreal's Forgotten Ice Palaces of the 1880s

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