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 You can add life to the story of your ancestors by doing some research on their surroundings. We can take a look at things like what was available at the place and time your ancestor lived. Who were the rulers? What was the ship/train schedule? You will recall in the last article about disasters, I talked about it getting dark about 5 pm at the time of the Earthquake of 1663.  There are sites and books that tell at what time the sun rose and set on any given day.

Almanacs are a good resource for this and other information for the year you want. Some of them include names of government people, heads of agencies, lawyers and judges, clergy, bankers, Royals, etc. Check out some of the ads in these books too.

I came across this written in 1882 on how to raise your children to be conscientious people.  Do you think it is or should be the same today?                                             

You can also ask yourself these questions: How far was it to the nearest city and how long did it take to get there? How did people travel? What were the holidays, rites, customs?                               

Relevant Links

Canadian Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge 1859

American Almanacs – various years from 1733

The Quebec Almanack for the year 1795

The Quebec Almanack and British American royal kalendar for the year 1823

The general almanac of Scotland, and British register for 1809

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